I've worked 15 years as a vet volunteer,  retired two years ago, i got the parent, every ones in a while, i have a litter which i post on this WEBSITE for any body wishing to offer a home.

Now, i know these puppies don't come cheap, no one should convience you they do, it cost allot for the artifical incemination, monitoring, c-section etc... to achieve such beautiful puppies, but considering the  esperience i have in the domain, i can breed at a very minimal cost. I believe that this puppies should not be sold. The prices you would find on our WEBSITE is just a minimal cost to cover espenses.

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As a family business, our driving force is not monetary gain (though it keeps us going). We beleive animals cannot and must not be sold. Just like our human babies, puppies cost almost nothing to breed (except for the food and vet bills) so the colosal prices you will notice everywhere is most often  set by individuals for their own gain. What we charge  "Sell them for" is simply a  minimal cost to cover all expenses incured during the breeding process and to enable us to continue breeding even more beautiful puppies so as to continue speading the joy that comes with having a furry friend .

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"Over the years, we have been blessed with some amazing puppies, Every puppy who ever leaved with us is and  will remain a part of our extended family. Our hope is that  you treat them in a humane manner and you too in return will esperience the joy of having a furry friend"